San Diego Employment Green Card

San Diego Employment Green Card
In the United States, people can become permanent residents through qualified employment. In terms of highly-skilled workers, the United States gives priority to individuals who can benefit the United States workforce and economy. Those looking for employment that is not as highly-skilled still receive preference for admission to the United States; however specific requirements such as proving that the U.S. Department of Labor needs more out-of-the-country workers and that United States workers are not displaced must be met before a San Diego employment green card is approved.

Obtaining a green card through employment is not easy; therefore, if you are considering it, call Ali Golchin to help you file the necessary paperwork and applications to help get you approved.

Currently there are four different categories used to approve an individual for a San Diego employment green card. If you fall into any of these categories, Ali Golchin and Associates can assist you with obtaining a green card. Even if you do not, let our San Diego immigration attorneys help you find qualified employment opportunities to get you into the United States.

San Diego Employment Green Card through Job Offer

If an employer offers you a job, they can file Form I-140, “Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker” on your behalf to help you get a green card.

Green Card through Investment

Investors and entrepreneurs who can prove they invested in a United States business can receive a San Diego employment green card.

Green Card through Self-Petition

Immigrants with special abilities or who offer highly-skilled workforce ability can qualify for a self-petition into the United States. These individuals will be required to prove their skill level and qualifications before being approved.

Green Card through Special Categories of Jobs

In the United States, there are numerous special jobs that will allow immigrants to receive a green card. In order to apply for this category, individuals must use Form I-360, “Petition for Amerasian Widow(er) or Special Immigrant”. Some common categories that qualify under this exception include:

  1. Translator
  2. Broadcaster
  3. International organization employee
  4. Iraqi who assisted the U.S. government
  5. NATO-6 Immigrant
  6. Panama Canal employee
  7. Physician national interest waiver individual
  8. Religious worker

Before filing your petition for a employment green card, contact the San Diego immigration attorneys Ali Golchin and Associates at 619-827-8777 today. Our San Diego immigration lawyers can assist you with filing the appropriate green card paperwork and make sure you qualify before you apply. Even if you do not qualify under the four categories, our trained San Diego immigration attorneys can look for employment that will help you qualify so that you can obtain a San Diego employment green card in the United States.