San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer

San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer
If you have been injured, have become disabled, or have become sick because of your work, workers compensation and a San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer is what you need. Worker’s Comp is a program which provides medical care and/or replacement income for people who have been injured at the job. Employees are protected by workers’ compensation laws because the law ensures that they can be compensated if they were injured while at work. If a person dies because of a work-related illness or accident, the dependent family members may be eligible for workers compensation benefits.

Employers are also protected by worker’s compensation laws because the laws set limits on the amount of money an injured employee can request. The state which you work in, defines most of the worker’s compensation laws; however, employees who work for the federal government or work in many states may need to consider Federal worker’s comp laws. Also, certain industries abide by alternative workmens compensation laws set by their field of work. These include people who work for railroads, in mines, and people who work at sea (seamen, maritimers).

What is Covered by Workers Compensation?

Worker’s compensation can be given regardless if the employer/company is at fault or not. You can get compensation benefits even if there is no evidence of negligence or wrong-doing. So, if you have been injured, disabled, or made sick because of your job, you can apply for and get compensation even if it wasn’t your boss’ fault. All that matters is that you were hurt while working or because of your work. In general, these items are covered by workers compensation:

  • medical treatments,
  • a percent of lost wages,
  • cost of retraining or vocational rehabilitation,
  • compensation of permanent injuries,
  • and other benefits depending on the situation.

“General damages” or “pain and suffering” are not covered by Worker’s compensation.


Who Pays for Workers Compensation?

The benefits (monies) from worker’s comp usually come from one of three places:

  • Small California companies usually enroll in state-run programs that include worker’s compensation. If you work for a small company, it is likely that your worker’s compensation will be paid by the State of CA.
  • Some companies enroll with a private insurance company for their workers compensation benefits. If you work for such a company, benefits will come from the private insurance company.
  • Some large companies are self-insured which means they have enough assets and funds to account for expected worker’s compensation. These self-insured companies may have an office or designated staff to process workman’s comp paperwork; or they may use a third-party to manage the workers comp claims.

It can be a bit confusing as to where and with whom to apply for workers comp. This is especially true if you are distraught from your work-related injuries or illness.

San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help with Claims

If you became sick because of the work you do, or you got injured because of your work, give our San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer a call. We can help you file the forms so that you can get compensated as soon as possible. It is important to complete the forms correctly to avoid unnecessary delays. We can evaluate your condition to see what you may need as supporting documents. The benefits may come from: the California government, an insurance company, your employer, or from a third party hired by your employer to administer the benefits. When sick and/or injured, you want to contact a San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer before the household and medical bills piling up.

Our San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer will help you fill up the forms, check to make sure everything is complete and accurate, and make sure you have the support documents for your case. We target to get you the most compensation allowed: don’t settle with a token compensation from an insurance company, we will fight to get you the benefits you deserve. You work hard at your job, you got injured, you should be fairly compensated! Contact our San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer by calling (619) 363-8703.